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Running printserver on a cluster...

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  • Running printserver on a cluster...

    Hi Guys.

    Im wondering about a little problem I have. Ive setup a print spooler ressource on a microsoft windows 2003 cluster environment.

    Ive installed the printers as microsoft described it. Means that I connected to the network name of the ressouce group that hold the print spoller service and added the printers.

    The failover works and the printers is still awailable to me on the 2. node. However if I apply settings on a printer - ie. ekstra trays - then its only awailable on the node holding the ressource at the time I added it.

    Am I doing anything wrong here ? Or do I have to make the changes on both servers ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regards

    Heino Skov
    System Consultant