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Unwanted CD-Burning Driver.....

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  • Unwanted CD-Burning Driver.....

    After switching from my old 2KPro to XP, I installed my old CD burning program (CeQuadrat's WinOnCD) using an updated-for-XP driver which did not work (it didn't accept my genuine registration #).

    I uninstalled it from the Control Panel, but was told that it did not get all the files and I would have to remove the rest manually. I Shift-deleted the folder which the Set-up exe had created for it in my Program Files folder, but don't know where driver files are located. Every time I boot up I get the attached message, so the disabled driver file still seems to be there somewhere. Roxio no longer gives any support for this product nor does the US phone number listed, which I called.

    How can I locate this unwanted driver and delete it? I am not able to burn with two other programs I subsequently tired out and fear that this may be the problem.....


    PS The set-up file was called WINONCD.EXE from, if that's any help
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    Re: Unwanted CD-Burning Driver.....

    Hi there (or here) - I suggest you reinstall the program, and go to, download the uninstaller and then just drop the icon of the program into the uninstaller bucket icon. It does the work completely. You can try it free for 30 days. Good luck - Amos.