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Sporadic issues of drive mappings for users.

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  • Sporadic issues of drive mappings for users.

    Also experiencing the same problem: [EDIT] as described here

    some of the scripts, run some of the time, on some of the pcs...
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    Re: Drive Mappings XP SP2 issues from login script and also from server.

    Have you seen the background 'jkfranci' provided with his question? You tell us nothing about your network.

    And, have you checked the policy settings 'jkfranci' mensioned?
    Was there a time that all your startup/logon scripts did worked, then what changes happed from that time?

    Do you have a problem with a Logon script or with a Startup script?

    Is that particular GPObject applied at all, or is it just the script not being applied?
    Then.. could it be an error in the script code perhaps? Or, can the share not be access?


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      Re: Sporadic issues of drive mappings for users.

      NickParker, please do not hijack threads... especially old ones!

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