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I changed the Workgroup name in 2000 Pro and can't logon

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  • I changed the Workgroup name in 2000 Pro and can't logon

    A friend has a Win 2K Pro portable machine.

    I wanted to prepare it to access it's new home network, so I modified the portable machine's Workgroup name (originally something like "", I think) to the name of his Win98 desktop Workgroup (RESIDENCE). I probably did that through "My Computer" / Properties / Network ID / Properties button / Workgroup, but I am not certain that's what I did, cause is was fast and easy.

    But that was probably a very dumb thing to do, because now we cannot logon to the machine with his usual name and password, and it's the only one he has. The network is not up yet, if that is any help.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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    Logon as administrator

    Well, I think what you can do is to try to logon to the computer as a local administrator. If you do not remember the local administrator password, in this site there is a good article describing how to change it.
    Have fun


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      Your mistake was that the machine was belonging to a domain and not a workgroup.
      It happens to me once and it is a whole mess.
      But like my upper said, there is a good article here about what are your possibilities now.

      Good luck.


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        Thank you all. I finally obtained the Administrator password from the College, and could login as Administartor. After some fudging around, I modified the main user settings and finally could logon correctly, go on the network, reach the Web, etc. Didn't even have to modify the Admin password with the special program you have mentioned; that was a relief, cause I admit that scared me, specially since it was not my own machine. I must say I learned a lot about domains, workgroups, paswords, etc. in this little adventure.

        Thanks again to all.