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Xp Pro every second boot hangs

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  • Xp Pro every second boot hangs

    Hi All
    Hope you can help, I have a really obscure problem. I have a stand alone Windows XP machine that when you boot up it takes forever and then eventually a blank screen with a movabl mouse pointer comes up. I then have to hit the reset button and the second time it logs in it is absolutely fine. I then reboot again and it gives the blank screen. I have gone into msconfig and disabled all programs on startup hoping for a result but to no avail.
    Safe Mode works fine. I have reinstalled Service Pack 2.
    This is the second time this has happened on this particular machine. Last time i rebuilt it without bothering to try find the resolution, but the fact that its happened again surely means there is something on there? btw all spyware and anti virus testing turned out as clean

    Any advise would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Xp Pro every second boot hangs

    Wel well well.. it looks like the Anti Virus (AVG) was causing the problem. Uninstalled it and all worked normally again. Did a fresh install of it and the same problem occured.
    have searched around google to see if anyone else has logged this type of thing to AVG but have not found any solutions. If anyone has knowledge of this please let me know cos i would at least like to know why!


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      Re: Xp Pro every second boot hangs

      Besides AVG, do you have anything installed that actively scans files? (like an antispyware program) I'm thinking there might be a conflict between programs....

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        Re: Xp Pro every second boot hangs

        G'day jackam,
        Try to disable any antivirus software program that you have and then reboot. some times virus scanner make booting system long.