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  • Remote Registry Help Windows XP Pro

    Hello. I have problems accessing remote registry on my LAN and I will be very glad if someone can give me some help on this one.
    I start regedit, connect to network registry, then type the IP address and then I get a user prompt. I type an account name and pass which belongs to the Administrators group and Reigstry Editor displays the remote machine and the keys HKLM, HKU however when I try to open them I get "CANNOT OPEN HKLM: error while opening key".
    I got several blank pass accounts on several computers and when I log on with an account with same username as a username on a remote computer (the username on the remote computer is without password) I connect to the registry without problems and have full control.
    However this is not what I want, as far as I know I should be able to use any account belonging to the Administrators group on the remote computer (the registries on the remote computers have the default permissions).
    Thanks in advance.