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Internet Options Proxy Exceptions

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  • Internet Options Proxy Exceptions

    Im having problems with the Internet Options.

    In the Local Area Network settings i add the address of the proxy server and write some exceptions.

    This list of execptions disappear from time to time and i can figure it why?

    Note: Some times i unchecked the address of the proxy server when im in clients or at home.
    The browser that i use is the Intenet Explorer 7.0.

    Can you help me?

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    Re: Internet Options Proxy Exceptions

    Maybe it's controlled by GPO ? that sets it to none ?
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      Re: Internet Options Proxy Exceptions

      I do not believe it is a reaonable expectation that the settings will persist as you are now making/setting them. If 'Automaticly' determine configuration is enabled, any site could potentially overwrite the registry store of proxy settings when you are not manually specifying them by unchecking that option.

      What you want to do is to use a PROXY.PAC file. This can even be customized so that it applies only when you are at your Home LAN:

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