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  • Admin/guest account

    I have an irritating problem concerning accounts. I'm not interested in givin adminrights to everyone using my comp inhouse. Problem is that I can't log in through guestaccount even though it's enabled (also fast user switching and terminal serv under services are enabled/started). Guest account is visible at logon, but won't start. I even tried to create another account with the attent to set it without password and program/folder restrictions, but xp won't let me put it as anything but administrator, doing this removes my previous/default admin account. If I do I have a new screwed admin account and a guest that still doesnt work. Any ideas would be appretiated. Thx.

    (XP pro sp2)

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    and what error message are you getting when trying to log on as the guest?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Make sure that you've edited your local security policy to allow local logon for the guest account. In XP its default value is restricted to disallow interactive logon.


      Remove Guest from the list.


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        Thx for replying on this issue.

        Daniel :
        none, it's movin up(as selected) on logon screen for a couple of sec's and then returns to it's previous state with admin(with passwordfield) on top.

        Andrew :
        only disallowed logon in policies are support######.

        However, when foolin around in Computer Management(local) > Local Users and Groups > Users > Guest and then reading properties and tryin to click member of, I got this this loveletter: "The following error occured while attempting to read the properties for the user guest: The server service is not started." (same thing with user admin.)

        I'm a noob on this level, but started services.msc and looked for any likely service not started or disabled that could be causing this, but couldn't find anything which seemed logical to me. Does this tell you anything or is it only because my computer is not a part of a network?

        Thx again.


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          I went ahead and logged on as guest on my box.

          This is what I did...

          Enabled Guest account.
          Removed Guest from Deny Logon Locally.
          Logged out.
          Logged on as guest.

          Worked fine.

          With regard to your error message - Because you're not on a LAN the Workstation service probably isn't started, this isn't unusual. It should stop giving you this error once you start the service.

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