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XP CD Problems

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  • XP CD Problems

    I have 3 windows XP CD's for various PC's, my problem now is I need to do a clean install on one system, how can I find which CD is for which machine as the numbers on the disc face do not seem to relate to any of the numbers on my 3 systems. Cheers.

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    Re: XP CD Problems

    If they're all the same type of media (e.g. OEM, retail, VL, etc.), then I don't think it will matter what CD you use, only the license key will matter.

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      Re: XP CD Problems

      One thing you can do to verify a CD is compatible with the current install is proceed with a "repair install" attempt per:

      Pay attention to step #5. If you get past that one then the media is compatible with the existing install and, as Jeremy says, only the license key will matter.


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        Re: XP CD Problems

        If they are retail editions of XP, thenJelly bean will tell you the code of the OS installed.
        This is only good if you have the CD with the sticker on it!

        Good luck