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Is it Possible to move My Music Folder?

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  • Is it Possible to move My Music Folder?

    I have 2 hard drives and would like to keep the C: DRIVE on drive1 solely for system files and those Apps which seem to do best when installed on the C rive such as MS Office .

    To this end I wonder whether Folders such as My Music and My Documents can be moved to other partitions on this drive or even to drive 2.

    Is this possible ?

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    Re: Is it Possible to move My Music Folder?

    Right click on "my documents" and choose properties, there you get the option to move the folder.



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      Re: Is it Possible to move My Music Folder?

      Just as an FYI, I've seen this first hand many times, changing the default location of "My Documents" has been known to causes issues with some applications when the non-default location of "My Documents" is not available (ie, usually on a network drive and your computer is disconnect from the network in the case of a laptop. This could also happen if you move "My Documents" to a thumb drive).

      If and when you encounter these problems, revert to the default location for "My
      Documents", and your trouble application will start working again. Change the location of "My Documents" back again once it becomes available.
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