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Standalone XP Pro - Security

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  • Standalone XP Pro - Security


    I have a PC with XP Prof.

    I only have the default Admin User on XP.
    I want to implement the following security without creating a new user.

    I believe I need some 3rd party tools (with password protection).

    (1) Allow Internet Access to selected websites Only (Port 80, 443, 110, 25 etc etc).

    (2) Disable Application installation.

    (3) Disable Registry Editing.

    Any ideas ?
    Anyone aware or used any such application.

    Tried some, but none comprehensive.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Standalone XP Pro - Security

    As the administrator you have full unresticted access to do whatever you want to a machine.

    Saying that if you are willing to fool around with the installation then on your head be it.

    1. You would need to install some kind of 3rd party firewall or configure the windows firewall to allow access on to the ports you have listed. To get to only specific websites i'm not sure.

    2. This should be achievable via GPO's.

    3. Again this should be achievable via GPO's.