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XP - Accout gets kicked out after some time

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  • XP - Accout gets kicked out after some time

    I got a problem with an XP computer in our domain. When the user logs in, everything is OK. But after some time, he looses the connection to the domain. All his mappings are shut down, and when he tries to open them up, he can't log in. If he uses a different username and password, he gets to log in.

    If he logs off and on with the same username and password, all the mappings are there, and he can access the domain.

    This user is also logged on to 2 pcs running Win2k at the same time, and doesn't have this problem there.

    Any clues? Anything I should check on his comp or the DC?
    I'm a noob when it comes to semi-advanced network stuff, so I'd really appreciate help from you smart guys.