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  • Trying to repair windows

    I am currently trying to repair my windows xp sp2 installation but am encountering a problem and would be grateful of any assistance. To start at the start a couple of days ago I updated the driver for my graphics card which meant I was unable to change the refresh rate on my monitor (I could see the option in windows but it was greyed out). I clicked on a button in the display settings and I think I disabled my graphics card. When the pc restarted everything was normal up until the windows loading screen, after which the screen remained blank but windows seems to be loading in the backround (by this I mean I can hear it loading up and am able to shut down the pc using the keyboard). I replaced both grahics card and monitor thinking that they may be faulty but the same problem remained. I tried to change the setting I changed back "blindly" by using the keyboard but that didn't help. Tried to boot in safe mode- same problem; tried to make windows go back to last consistant state- same problem. Yesterday I decided that I would have to repair windows. So I inserted my windows disk followed the instructions and the computer rebooted. Windows once more got as far as the loading screen then went blank. I left it a couple of hours hoping it would fix itself but it didn't seem to be doing anything. I thought I might have been meant to press ok or something but seeing as I can't see the screen I don't know. Eventually I turned it off and now the windows loading screen loads followed by a grainy blue screen that says: "Setup is being restarted.........". It's been like that two hours Don't know what I can do. I realize this quite a long post so thanks for making it this far! Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Trying to repair windows

    A few questions before we dig deeper...
    Do you also have an on board graphics port? Meaning are there two places to plug the monitor into? have you tried both after it boots up?
    What model computer?
    Model graphics card?
    AGP? PCI? PCI express? PCI x? etc...
    Have you been to the BIOS?
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      Re: Trying to repair windows

      Sorry I meant to put my pc details in the post. Its below:

      Asus A8N-Sli Deluxe nForce4 (Motherboard)
      AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (CPU)
      2 x 1GB Kingston PC3200 DDR CL3 (RAM)
      BFG 7900GT 256MB GDDR3 (Graphics Card)
      200Gb Maxtor Diamond Max 10 SATA 150/7200 (HD)
      Seasonic S12 600W (PSU)

      To answer your questions there is no onboard graphics, the gc is pci-ex and I've spent much of the last 2days going through the bios...


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        Re: Trying to repair windows

        This looks like what I used to get in Windows 2K when I changed cards, the thing is that for certain cards you had to start in VGA mode from the boot menu (Press F8 between POST screen and windows starting) where you get the options to start in Safe Mode etc.
        What was actually happening was the OS is loading normally but you just could not see it.

        You could try this but I'm not sure if your past this point now.
        Boot the PC .. Tap F8 and hopefully you may get the Boot menu for Windows try the following options

        1. Select Last Know Good Configuration .... If this works your in luck
        2. Safe Mode .. Try rolling back your Graphics driver to the one that worked
        3. VGA mode may allow you to go further

        If these fail and unless someone else can offer further help I'd suggest re-install or you could spend days on this
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          Re: Trying to repair windows

          I think "Last good known..." won't be useful here since it's only good until the next log on, and he has already logged on again. It seems to me the only solution that remained now is the clean instal. I had an experience once with failed repair and the windows setup just looped as described.
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            Re: Trying to repair windows

            Thanks for the replies lads!

            I tried last known good configuration, safe mode and vga mode to no avail. At this point I'm starting to think that a reinstall is my only option but I don't want to lose everything. Is there any way I can retrieve my data? Could I connect my hard drive up to another pc with xp installed and somehow access the data then?


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              Re: Trying to repair windows

              You should be able to do that. I just hope your files are not encrypted, because in that case it will be hard to do anything. Other than that, everything should be fine when you connect it as a slave to some other computer, maybe some files or folders will need replacing the owner. Hope everything goes well for you.


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                Re: Trying to repair windows

                I'm not very familiar with what your talking about here so if you could answer some more questions that'd be great! My pc uses sata whereas the pc i'm connecting my hd to uses ide (i think). Will there be any problems with this? If i'm mistaken and both are sata will i have to do anything differently? Thanks in advance!


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                  Re: Trying to repair windows

                  Other PC (motherboard) has to support SATA disks, else you won't be able to connect your disk (not without additional hardware at least). If it supports SATA, then just connect it and enter BIOS to check the boot devices' priority (your hdd must not be no.1 choice/master/first boot device or you will get the same errors again ).
                  If your files were encrypted (it's easily recognizable by green file names) then I'm not sure whether you'll be able to save anything, but I'm guessing you didn't use encryption (otherwise you would probably know right away what I'm talking about).
                  If you receive "access denied" opening files on your old hdd then try replacing the owner:
                  1. Folder Options -- View -- Deselect "Use simple file sharing"
                  2. On file/folder properties, go to Security tab, choose advanced
                  3. On the Owner tab, select new owner, check "Replace owner on subcontainers"
                  4. OK

                  You should be able to access your files after this, but if there's still some problem/unanswered question, just ask.


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                    Re: Trying to repair windows

                    Wow thank you so much! I'll give it a try later on if I can. Here's hoping they're both sata now... And if not whats the piece of hardware??? Thanks again!


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                      Re: Trying to repair windows

                      You're welcome. If there's no sata, then you would need SATA card, goes to the PCI slot. But, most of the computers have sata support unless they are more than 2 or 3 years old.


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                        Re: Trying to repair windows

                        Its going to be a close call so because its about 2or3 years old! I'll look later and see whether its ide or sata and I'll post again if I've any more problems. Thanks again (again!)


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                          Re: Trying to repair windows

                          My Dell Dimension 4600i was bought in November 2003 and has native SATA support... just for indication purposes!

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                            Re: Trying to repair windows

                            You can also get a SATA/IDE (2.5" & 3.5") to USB connector. No need to a SATA PCI unless you have a use for it.
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                              Re: Trying to repair windows

                              Thank you for the info, I didn't know that there is such a connector. Though somehow I guess hardware shops in my neighbourhood have no idea about it.