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Windows 2000 Evaluation Upgrade Utility?

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  • Windows 2000 Evaluation Upgrade Utility?

    I had to reinstall Windows 2000 and misplaced the product key. I used an evaluation copy until I found the product key for Windows 2000 Pro. I have since found my key but I can't install the upgrade now on top of the evaluation version. Microsoft has a knowledge base article refering to an evaluation upgrade utility but when I follow the link it cannot be found. Does someone have another approach or this utility archived that they could share? Thank you in advance. Here is what I found from Microsoft:

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    Re: Windows 2000 Evaluation Upgrade Utility?

    Did a full version CD of Windows 2000 not come with that key that you have?

    It's time to upgrade.
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      Re: Windows 2000 Evaluation Upgrade Utility?

      I agree on the upgrade. Unfortunately, I am doing this for someone who is unable to upgrade at this time. The only full version I had was an evaluation. The purchased copy is an upgrade and has a valid key. Windows 2000 requires a utility to recognize the evaluation as a valid path for the upgrade version. I was hoping someone had this archived since it is no longer available at Microsoft's site.
      Anybody have any ideas? Thanks.


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        Re: Windows 2000 Evaluation Upgrade Utility?

        It's not my lucky day . All the paths lead to dead ends.
        I can see at the moment two possible options:
        - contact local Microsoft representative ;
        - re-install the computer with an older OS and then upgrade. You can see in this article the possible upgrade paths : . This, of course, if you can re-install (not enough details to know that)...

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