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anti virus making laptops slow

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  • anti virus making laptops slow

    MS Win NT server 4, SP6
    - MS Exchange Server 5.5 SP4
    - CAs ETrust v7 anti virus server and agents installed on all clients
    - MS Outlook 2000 on all work stations.

    We are having a few problems with Outlook on a couple of our clients pc's. These are Dell laptops running Win 2k and networked to LAN with 100MBs cards.

    Problem essentially is that some emails with attachments seem to take an age to open, even if attachment is small. Similar emails on other laptops do not seem to exhibit this problem.

    The Etrust client installed on each client is same for all pc's in the company

    Other issue we have is Outlook synchronisation errors when trying to sync on and off line folders. It never seems to complete without errors and hence not possible to get totally in sync so when working off line its not totally up to date.

    any ideas?

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    Keep the Mobile agent (AV) update schedule to only once in a day. Also try to recreate the profile in the outlook, this may solve ur issue.

    skm_mail MCSE, SCSA, CCNP

    Systems Administrator