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XP connection problem

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  • XP connection problem


    I was inspecting a computer home network of several XP machines. They are all connected to a Belkin router. All the computers work fine except for one.

    When i open internet or firefox i see waiting , page found in status but nothing comes up, sometimes, pieces of google page(it's the homepage) but not fully working.

    When i do a ping to the router it gives sometimes time outs. It looks like it is gummed up somewhere. I tried inserting the cable in another port on the router but without success, stays the same.

    Also a weird thing is, i gave it a static ip, then when i configured it to get a dynamic ip it still took the static ip.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the OS (no firewall blocking anything or something, problem just sorta showed up one day), think it's more a hardware problem, maybe the NIC (don't have a spare network card, or i would've tested this) ?

    Any ideas ?

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    Re: XP connection problem

    You answered your own question - replace the NIC.

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      Re: XP connection problem

      Ok so i replaced the NIC today, without any result.
      Also changed cables, all giving me the same output.

      When i open a browser, i see half the page's content and nothing more.
      There is no spyware, virusses or something ..

      ANy other ideas ?


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        Re: XP connection problem

        Are all the computers running the same software?
        Anything in the event log?
        How about running a trace to see what's happening?

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          Re: XP connection problem

          Have you cleared the temp internet files and the dns cache?


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            Re: XP connection problem

            Hi spoofer
            Your problem could be due to bouncing link between your computer and router. I am suspecting itz malfunctioning due to router port. The port either is not working or buffers on ports are dead. You have changed cable so it mean there is no reason to blame the cable. But some times twists in cable create this situation as well. I'll recomend you to try other ports of router. You can also test your router port by running
            ping -t <ip address of your router>
            from your pc. If you find host unreachable message/s after few minutes then it is your router