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Installing 2000 After XP- Help needed

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  • Installing 2000 After XP- Help needed

    Hello - Thanks everyone for all the useful information you have here.
    I am trying to use the tip you have as "How do I install Win 2000 after I've installed XP". I boot the system using a Win98 bootdisk and enter E:\I386\WINNT.EXE but get a bad command or file error message. I can see the content of the CD-ROm when I type in dir so it looks like it reads the CD-ROM but doesnot start the WINNT.EXE application. Can Anyone please help?

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    I was able to install W2k on my computer without the Win98 bootdisk. try just plcing the cd in the drave and make sure the the CD drive is the primary boot device.


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      Re: Installing 2000 After XP- Help needed

      is XP installed as NTFS? MSDOS will not see NTFS, you will have to run FDISK from the win98 bootdisk, delete non dos partition, create primary dos partition, format with FAT and then install win2k.


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        Set to boot from cd rom in bios exit save changes pop in the cd for win 2000 or xp wahtever your flavour restart and away it should head into setup if it doesn't let it go 'round again till the press any key appears.


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          try to use windows 2000 bootdisk instead of win98's.

          (4 floppy disks needed) type these command in DOS


          ** x = your cd-rom drive