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    Hi all,
    I have a question about windows xp routing.
    I have internet connection "A" and Internet connection "B", with "A" I want to connect all client to internet, with "B" I want to connect all client only to an external ftp server that can accept connection only from the "B" IP address. I'm using windows xp with 3 Network card, the first card is connected to "A", the second card is connected to the connection "B" and the last card is connected to the private network.

    I have configured XP to work as a router, by changing the registry key
    "IPEnableRouter" from 0 to 1.
    I use like a default gateway the connection "A" and I add a static route to specify the gateway "B" to access to external ftp ip address.
    Now, I connect the private card to the lan and I set to all client the ip address of the private card like default gateway.
    Does my clients connect to internet using the gateway "A" and use only the gateway "B" to connect to my ftp site?

    Thanks, Dario.

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    If you've configured the routing table on the XP computer as needed then yes, the private LAN computers will be able to connect to A and to B. It's all in the routing table.

    Now, if the LAN network is a private-address network in the rance of or or, the main problem is how will A and B be able to return the traffic to the LAN network. These addresses do not have routes on the Internet, therefore A and B will not be able to return the traffic. If that is the case then you'll need to configure NAT on the XP computer, and that can be done by using ICS or other 3rd party routing utilities such as WinRoute and others.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services