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error invalid VDD

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  • error invalid VDD

    I get this error message sometimes installing software and using the internet.
    Error: virtual device drivers. VDD
    VDD format in the registry is invalid
    What does it mean and how do I fix it? I am new to w2k pro.

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    Re: error invalid VDD

    Have a look in the Event Viewer (in ControlPanel --> Administration Tools) and post what the error messages are.

    What software are you trying to install when you get these messages?
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      Re: error invalid VDD

      Thanks for replying to my post. The error messages are: Policy Agent, DCOM, cdrom,
      Service Control Manager. I think I was installing FireFox 2.0. I believe DCOM and Service Control Manger errors were around the time I was installing. Some of the installs of other programs did not mount (S andra Sisoft).
      There was a ton of Warnings for MrxSmb and severall warnings of Dncache. Other warning were for print (FireFox), wmi, serial.

      When I try to update windows I get (with IE or FireFox ) I get an Error was created by (IE or Firefox) and will closed by windows. I still can get windows updated by either program by navigating tru windows site and occasionally direct update by clicking on windows update in each browser. I also removed a lot of trojans that were associated with IE during the update process.
      Sorry for such along post , but I am new to w2k pro and new to posting.