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Difficulties with Re-sizing Partitions

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  • Difficulties with Re-sizing Partitions

    Although this problem has arisen with Partition Magic v.8.0. I suspect it
    may be a basic Primary/Logical drive problem.

    I have 3 hard drives installed on my m/b, the 3rd one only installed today.

    These are :-

    1.An IDE Boot drive of 60 Gbtes partitioned into a 15 Gbte Primary Partition
    (C which contains the XP Pro OS. This is further partitioned into D,E&F
    Logical partitions.
    2. A SATA drive of 200 Gbte partitioned into L (Primary partiton of 10
    Gbts) and H,I,J&K Logical partitions.
    3. A SATA drive of 500 Gbte as a Primary Partition unpartitoned.

    I have a previously obtained BootIt image file of the C: drive and want to
    restore this including the XP Pro OS included there onto partition L on Disk
    2 above , then remove the IDE drive so that there will only be SATA drives
    left on the PC and , hopefully by this procedure , obviate the need to
    re-install XP Pro onto this Disk.

    It appears that there is not enough space on the L partition to accommodate
    the Image File and , consequentially , I have attempted to re-size the L
    partition to 15Gbts , taking the necessary space from the adjacent partition
    H using P.M. This appears , initially , to go OK but , on re-boot, no
    re-sizing has taken place.When I attempt to re-size , say, partition H (A
    Logical Partition) , the re-sizing goes OK.

    Why is this ? If this is a P.M. problem then I realise that this is not the
    appropriate Forum to ask this question but , the reason I ask this here is
    that I'm wondering whether this failure to re-size L but not H is due to the
    fact that L is a Primary Partition ?

    Does anyone here know if this is the reason?

    A possible relevant fact here is that , in spite of the XP Help file's
    advice on re-sizing partitons given in " Computer Management " in
    ("Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management") to right click
    on "Resize" on the desired Partition , in my case , there is no such
    "Resize" indication.

    Can anyone suggest why this should be?

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    Re: Difficulties with Re-sizing Partitions


    As I remember the built in windows tool, only allows to partition a Dynamic disk.

    For partitioning issues, you need to use Acronics, it will help you in patition your disk better than Parition Magic.
    Best regards,
    Mostafa Itani

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      Re: Difficulties with Re-sizing Partitions


      As I remember the built in windows tool, only allows to partition a Dynamic disk.

      Ah! That would explain it . Thank you


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        Re: Difficulties with Re-sizing Partitions

        Ever considered putting the drive to another PC and trying to change the partition size. I am also assuming(a dangerous thing to do) that you have emptied ALL the files from the partition you are going to make smaller (H: ) before trying to resize it?

        Curiosity question now. Why so many partitions and why so small? I have a File Server, 4 HDDs in RAID 5, 695GB volume and just the ONE partition. SHARES divide up the drive the way I want and you don't run out of capacity on little partitions.
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