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XP home network - please help!!

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  • XP home network - please help!!

    Hello all!

    I have a small problem that is just baffling me so I will try to explain it as clearly as possible:

    I am trying to make a small home network between two xp computers, computer A which is connected to the internet (main) and computer B (client). This is a no brainer by all means.

    Computer A (main) completes the networking wizard, shares the internet connection and I can succesfully ping computer B (client). I can access all the shared drives on computer B and it seems fine.

    From computer B (client), I can not ping computer A (main). I keep getting "request timed out" reply. the funny part is that the computer did get an automatic address from the DHCP and also he recognizes the DNS since he knows the name of the workgroup. On computer B (client) I have checked the local NIC and I can succeffuly ping the local host.

    Like I said in the beggining, this is a no brainer and yet I can not seem to make it work .

    Appreciate your help and assistance,

    Ori Marom

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    Check your Firewall settings and turn off. XP only. (Bothe Pc'S)


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      I turned the firewall off and still nothing......

      Can it be a problem with the OS?


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        scratch my last message.....

        Its all good now....