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No welcome screen at start up.

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  • No welcome screen at start up.

    Im new here so first of all hi to everyone
    But i do have a serious problem. When i start up my computer normally it show the Welcome to Windows screen with the accounts to logon to. But it wont show that window anymore the screens turns black and after 15 sec the computer reboot. The computer works in safe mode and i tried system recorvery to an earlier date. But didnt eihter worked out.
    My account is locked with a password, so that's not the problem. And most strange off it, this problem began 4 days ago en 2 days ago my computer just started up normally but that was only once.
    Plz help me

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    Re: No welcome screen at start up.

    So safe mode works.

    Does safe mode w/ "Enable VGA" work? I'm hoping not.

    This would indicate you need to uninstall your video driver (see what version and who made the driver first) then boot normally w/ lowered screen resolution. Then you can hunt for a new driver.

    EDIT: Even if safe mode w/ vga works (640x480 w/ your video driver), it could still be the driver. Also unplug any peripherals you have (webcam, etc.) in case they are to blame.
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      Re: No welcome screen at start up.

      To expand on Rick's excellent thinking; start up in safe mode, set your video resolution to 1024x768, 256 colours, ***60Hz Refresh rate***, and then boot, see if that helps.

      However, I think that this will not help, because a screen resolution issue would not normally crash the machine.

      Look in the SYSTEM event log for crash reports, and get the "STOP" codes (eight digit hex numbers)

      It will usually be something like STOP 0x0000000E - you may also benefit from the next eight digit code also, which will be something like 0x800F2153. Google for STOP plus these two strings of digits and you may find helpful suggestions as to what may have caused the crash.

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