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Can't install XP off of another HDD partition

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  • Can't install XP off of another HDD partition

    I've tried this on many computers but the results are the same. I'm basically trying to make a notebook (with a faulty DVD drive) come equipped with XP. So I'm going to install it off a hard drive.

    Basically, this is the XP install process:

    - PC
    - Notebook
    - 1 x 40GB HDD - split into 3 primary partitions ( let's call them C: , D: , E: )
    - 1 x USB enclosure for the 40GB HDD
    - 1 x Floppy
    - 1 x Windows XP Professional CD, full version

    1. Connect the 40GB HDD to the PC using USB; the enclosure
    2. Copy the i386 folder from the XP CD to the 40GB HDD - E: partition
    3. Make a bootable floppy using Windows ME's format utility
    4. Take out the 40GB HDD from its USB enclosure, implant it into the notebook
    5. Boot from the bootable floppy
    5. At the DOS prompt, run winnt.exe with required switches
    6. When the blue-screened install phase appears, instructed it to copy the installation files to D: . It then reboots
    7. BIOS was then instructed to boot from the 40GB hard drive. It then proceeds to do so, giving me this error:

    NTLDR is missing
    Press any key to restart

    I'm assuming that my 40GB hard drive have no proper MBR? I'm not really that proficient to hard drive technology when it comes to the itty-gritty functions such as the MBR...

    Anyone have any ideas how to make it work? Oh, and can Vista be done this way too?

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    Re: Can't install XP off of another HDD partition

    This should work as i've done it many times and its fine.

    How did you setup the partitions??

    Why is is going to the D:\ and not C:\, not that it should make a difference.

    When you run the installer what switches are you using??

    When you get asked for partitioning in the text mode enviornment how do you do it??


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      Re: Can't install XP off of another HDD partition

      There are 2 text mode installs to my understanding.

      One is where the Windows XP files get copied to the target drive, and it would reboot the computer

      After a reboot, another would be where the second phase of the text mode install would invoke the partitioning options, plus it could let me specify where I would want XP to be installed.

      I never got through the second phase.

      Oh, and correction, my files go to C:. So it's C: , D: (untouched), and E:


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        Re: Can't install XP off of another HDD partition

        From what i understand there is 1 text based installation and one GUI based installation when installing windows.

        What i'll do is install it in a VM and see what happens.


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          Re: Can't install XP off of another HDD partition

          Hmm...that's a good idea. Off I go.