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Recovery of Security settings

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  • Recovery of Security settings

    Hi All ,

    We are using Win XP Prof. Now if by mistake i remove local user and even administrator from its security access now when i am click to open it it says "Access denied " i can browse the data from windows explorer but i can not create a new file or folder in c:\ drive..and not if i am right click on the drive does not shows me even a security tab so now how can i recover the security settings...

    Here i am attaching screen shots also....for reference...

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    Re: Recovery of Security settings

    Please clarify.

    Are we takling about Removing the User/Administrator Account from User Accounts, or are you talking about user permissons in folders?
    If its the latter at what level (normal folder or root level)
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      Re: Recovery of Security settings

      To change the security permissions you'll need to turn off Simple File Sharing
      See this KB for a how-to (scroll down and play the video)

      To see what your default permissions for the root were you can look at the setup security template.
      To do that:
      • Start -> Run -> type mmc -> press ctrl + m -> click Add... -> scroll down and select Security Templates -> click Add -> click Close -> click OK
      • Expand Security Templates\path to templates\setup security and select File System
      • In the right pane find C:\ (or whatever your root drive letter is) or %systemdrive%, double-click it and then click on Edit Security...
      • Make a note of the settings and duplicate it on your drive.

      HTH... or maybe I totally misunderstood your question

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        Re: Recovery of Security settings

        Double post.

        What was wrong with this one???


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          Re: Recovery of Security settings

          That was on server... Probably someone wanted to see if it can be done on XP too?

          Apologies in front, couldn't help it...

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