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COM1 port blocked

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  • COM1 port blocked

    I have a strange illusive problem, help me because i'm finished, no problem anyway. I'm working at a ms-dos script, batch file and:
    I cannot send commands to the com1 external modem anymore, after i reset computer or after i open Modem options/Diagnostics and Querry modem. I might think the com1 port becomes blocked or the system doesn't recognize COM1 anymore, because when i COPY COM1 CON, ms-dos gives the message " 1 file(s) copied." that is not correct. I'm using w2k pro.
    The thing that solves this is to enter Hyperterminal and set it to autoanswer then exit, or to launch/exit another program "Modem Spy" that also sets the modem on auto answer.
    I need to find what's happening so i could avoid this, or a way to unblock the port or the modem, or to replace COM1 with another variable known as COM1 by the system.
    ...Thanks for reading

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    Re: COM1 port blocked

    Have you checked it is enabled in the BIOS?
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      Re: COM1 port blocked

      It was enabled. In device manager: This device is working properly, COM1.
      It begins to work after i launch and exit "Modem Spy".
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        Re: COM1 port blocked

        No, i think it's not the case.
        This question is totally different. Don't want/like to counter, ...i'll delete it if you don't like, no problem.
        Read just the first 2 lines. This is a programmer question, so i needed here.
        Many times i'm asked for more details, even if they are not much related to the question, so i gave them in advance, the last 2 lines in the post.

        So i see i can't post that place, so i must say i don't like anymore this site, was 1 of my favorites until m80arm post&delete without waiting for my answer and without pay attention at what i posted there.

        I'm doing a ms-dos script but i search now any solution to this.
        I didn't find here another programmer forum.


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          Re: COM1 port blocked

          Check its status, and if it is occupied, by using msinfo32.exe
          Or maybe you can reset the com1 port by running this command-line (?):
          cmd /k com1: BAUD=1200 PARITY=n DATA=7 STOP=1 to=off xon=off DTR=on RTS=on oCTS=off oDSR=off iDSR=off
          See if you can, disable the auto anwser feature of the modem software.
          Or find out with Portmonitor what other process is holding that com-port. Then find out with PocessExplorer the program path .


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