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Problem with links within websites

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  • Problem with links within websites

    I just bought a new computer in December, and when I click on links within a website, it freezes my computer and I have to go into Task Manager and end it. It's not a particular site - it happens with links within my Yahoo mail (like the one I had to click on to confirm my registration here), and also different sites that I visit. Another issue, on sites like My Space where users have music on their page, it will start playing the music, then completely quit - although you can still move around within the page. Not sure where the issue lies, and any help would be appreciated!!
    I'm running:
    Windows XP Media Center Edition, Version 2002, SP2
    Internet Explorer 7
    For Anti-Virus, have PC-Cillian

    I'd like to try and troubleshoot it myself before taking it in. Any ideas?

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    Re: Problem with links within websites

    Then let's troubleshoot.
    Take a look in the Event Viewer/Application and Event Viewer/Internet Explorer to see if it logs something when you terminate IE.
    Second, run ProcessExplorer to see what's going on when the IE gets stuck. Try to see what process gets stuck.
    We'll continue from there.
    Good luck.

    Sorin Solomon

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