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win xp startup pop us, wont go away

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  • win xp startup pop us, wont go away

    hi guys i didnt know what to title so please dont nip me in the behind, basically i posted in the other forum on a differetn prob. i was having but this is for the same computer, basically i bought a laptop, it was reg. to the school, so i had to find my way around the passwords, well i got past that but i wanted a new xp put on it to get rid of the school stuff,

    so i took it to a computer company who said they would reinstall xp for me, etc and they did and i had my husband pick it up for me and then when he got home we were excited to try it so we booted up and it says you are not running a legal version of win xp. adn then you click and it goes away, but i called him who said oh well its what i had to do get onto it and everything in it still says the schools name, i thought reinstalling wiped it all clear, but now they said

    bring it back and they would reinstall the millenium edition which is what has the product key on the bottom is for, some time in the time from when the school got it to the time no they put win xp pro on it, but they want to reinstall me edition and then use the xp upgrade to upgrade back to xp since me edition they said sucks? any comments before i take it back and whats going on? thanks guys

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    Re: win xp startup pop us, wont go away

    What in the world are you doing?

    At 00:29 you report on your other post that you're waiting out your 48 hrs w/ and at 00:34 you effectivly double-post this in a different forum.

    Please explain how this is different problem and why you can't wait till Sunday for your password?

    I'm tired and I'm perplexed.


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      Re: win xp startup pop us, wont go away

      I can see this getting real confusing real quick.

      stephieluvsangel, please go back to your original thread as they are essentially dealing with the same issue.

      Thread closed.

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