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Old User profile Problem... Need Help.

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  • Old User profile Problem... Need Help.

    I everyone, i'm new here.

    My problem is, i had XP Pro running and one day it wont boot up normally so after reading on the internet about re-installing the O/S or repairing the O/S by using the CD. Well the repairing part didn't work so i install XP Pro on top of the existing XP Pro. Ofcourse i decided to use the same username as the pass and now the old profile is locks, i get a "access is denied" error. I need to access that folder to retrieve some information but unable to, is there anything i can do to access it, please help.

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    Re: Old User profile Problem... Need Help.

    Hi ocm. Welcome to the forum.

    To access the old profile:
    -Browse to C:\documents and setting\
    -Right-click localusername -> select Properties -> click on the Security tab -> click Advanced -> select Owner tab -> make your account the owner and add permissions as appropriate.

    Also, take a few minutes and read the forum rules. It will avoid any unpleasantries.
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      Re: Old User profile Problem... Need Help.

      EDIT: Just saw JeremyW replied a bit earlier. Some repackaging of the same info:

      Is this account in the local Administrators group? Reading things into the problem description I'm guessing possibly not.

      Can you access the files using an administrative account? If not, log on as Administrator and try to give ownership of the directory to "Administrators" and "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects":
      Right-click on directory; Properties; Security tab; Advanced; Owner tab; Change owner to Administrators; Replace owner on subcontainers and objects; OK

      Then grant "Full Control" to the Username in question and "Replace permission entries on all child objects..." under "Advanced" on the "Permissions" tab.

      That reinstall mucked up all the accounts by giving Windows a new SID (System or Security ID) and if the account is not Administrator (RID = 500) or Guest (RID = 501), you probably received a new RID (Relative ID) for the account even if the name is the same.

      EDIT: Something like SID-RID receives the permissions -- not the user name. When you're looking at the permissions and you see an entry like S-1-.....-1004, S-1-..... is the SID and 1004 is the RID that had permissions in the machine's previous life.

      If you are going after C:\Documents and Settings\Username, the default permissions are "Full Control" for Administrators, SYSTEM, and Username.
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