Hi all,

I've been running my XP pro for nearly a year now with hardly any problems. However, while starting the computer and logging in I've suddenly noticed that all my programs stopped creating their respectable taskbar buttons. This is a major pain, because I can't see the number of open windows, and the only way to switch between them is with Alt-Tab. I've tried changing the setting in the taskbar menus, and moving my quick launch and language bar, expanding and auto-hiding, with no success. I couldn't find any material about this odd behaviour in microsoft either (MSDN has a part about hiding running programs, but that's for coding - I think).
I've also tried creating a new user - and to my big surprise, the new user had no such problem!. As a work around I was thinking about creating a new user, coping the current profile (even though it's a pain - the OS won't let me view the files even though I'm an admin - so I'm still unsure about how I'm going to do it), and then renaming the new user to the old one.
I was hoping someone might help me with my problem because I'm not at all happy about my workaround - I'm unsure how other files will react, though to the best of my knowledge I havn't encrypted anything or did anything that might be user dependent....

Forgot to mention that I haven't installed or changed any of the settings lately.

Thanks a lot,