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Restrict programs in xp pro w/multiple users

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  • Restrict programs in xp pro w/multiple users

    When Installing programs on XP Pro sometimes they ask to install for all users. Other times there is no prompt and they are installed on every account. We have five accounts and I do not want every program installed showing up on every account. Some are for the admin only, that's me. How can I remove programs already installed in multiple accounts and how do I prevent this from happening on future installs?

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    On existing installs move the shortcut from the "all users" start menu to yours only. Alter the NTFS permissions on the folders which contain the application so that only administrative or your account alone have access to it.

    When an application asks if the app should be available to you or everyone it's only changing where it places the shortcut. To make sure they don't browse the hdd and d-click the actual program exe you'll need to alter the folder or file permissions whichever you prefer.

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