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network connection suddenly drop

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  • network connection suddenly drop


    I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me here. I wonder what caused a network connection to drop.

    What happen is that i have a network with 6 PCs and a server. I created a mapped drive network for all 6 PCs. Today, for unknown reason, i could not access to the shared folder on the server when it's been long connected since this morning. It happen in the late afternoon by the way.

    The message i got is as follows
    "An Error occurred while reconnecting z: to \\ Microsoft windows Network: The local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored."

    Very annoying because i was in the middle of working on the file that's located in the shared folder on the server. Now, i could not save it on the server but on the local machine.

    Does anyone know why and how to fix this?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: network connection suddenly drop

    Hi, associates.
    How is z: mapped to the share? By login script? By net use /permanent:yes command? By mapping in the Windows Explorer?
    I would try to disconnect it and connect it again.
    Also, check this article.
    If the problem persists, please give more details:
    - the OS of the servers and the stations and
    - is this problem on all six stations? Or only local in yours?
    It would be also nice to see if something was written in the Event Viewer.

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      Re: network connection suddenly drop

      When that happens, what does a "NET USE" command from CMD show as mapped to Z

      No SUBST or USB memory drives mapped to Z: added in between I take it?

      And if you logoff / logon, the Z: drive is fine again?

      Also, why are you using an IP address vs. the server name? That could be an issue.


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        Re: network connection suddenly drop

        Thank you for your replies, sorinso and rvalstar.

        The way i mapped it is by mapping in the windows explorer, not thru any script.

        It happen again this morning. I checked to see if the internet's working when i got that error message. The internet was working perfectly. I then tried to disconnect it and re-connect it. It worked again.

        I have tried not to use the IP but the server name. It still caused the problem.

        Never had this problem before. Any more ideas as to what caused this and how to fix it?

        Thank you in advance


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          Re: network connection suddenly drop

          Hmm, seems very familiar...

          Check the power settings on the client (Display Properties -> Screen Saver tab -> Power button)... is it set to turn off the hard drive or go into stand by or anything like that? If so, change it so it doesn't and see if the connection stays.

          EDIT - you could also take a look at these 128 KB articles
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