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Windows XP VPN connection to Windows 2000 Server

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  • Windows XP VPN connection to Windows 2000 Server

    Hi all,

    on my computer at home I'm running Windows XP Professional OEM with Service Pack 1 and all other patches installed. At work I have configured a Windows 2000 Server machine to function as a VPN server so I can "dialin" over the Internet to communicate with the computers at work.

    The problem is that the VPN connection works well sometimes and sometimes its a complete disaster. With complete disaster I mean that the VPN connection fails and the XP-machine looses nearly all network functionality and I can't even ping my SOHO router anymore (which I could before making the VPN connection).

    I've tried the following commands after loosing network functionality:

    - ipconfig /release

    and the IP-address, etc is set to

    - ipconfig /renew

    and I get a valid IP-address, subnet mask, default gateway, dns servers from the SOHO router (which has a builtin DHCP-server) like this:

    Default gateway:
    but I can't ping the router which is located at and I can't ping other machines at my local network.

    I've done this command:

    - sfc /scannow

    just to see if it makes any difference.

    I've even tried:

    netsh int ip reset c:\tcpipreset.txt

    did a reboot, but the problem keeps coming back. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

    If I want to restore complete network functionality the only thing I can do is to reboot the computer.

    I'm open for any suggestions, thanx in advance!
    MCSE 2003: Security