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reformat HDD and reinstall XP

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  • reformat HDD and reinstall XP

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie so please be gentle
    I changed my XP serial with instructions on this site & XP works fine.
    However I want to reformat my HDD and/or reinstall XP. When I run the XP cd and prompted for the serial, the original one plus the one I changed to, both say invalid product key! I know if I reformat & start from scratch it will work, but how do I reformat in XP? Help!!!

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    Boot from the XP CD and when it asks if you want to Repair select the Install option and NOT the repair one. Follow the prompts and you can choose to delete the partition it was previously installed on or you could just reformat the drive.
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      Thanks, all under control now, though it didn't give me an option to do as FAT32, only NTFS (quick) or NTFS (full). Cheers for the advice.