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  • Computer.Browser.Service

    I have about 1,500 XP clients and "computer browser" service is running on all of them. I'm planning to disable that service on all of the clients.


    1. Will it decrease network traffic ?
    2. I have WINS server so there's no need for the client to maintain a browsing list right?


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    It should be safe to disable this on the client machines.

    For a comprehensive list of windows services go here.

    Computer Browser

    Computer Browser service maintains a listing of computers and resources located on the network. This service is not required on a standalone system. In fact, even if you want to browse the network (workgroup or domain) or have mapped network shares as local hard drives, you can still do so. On a large network, one computer is designated the "master" browser and another one is the "backup" browser. All others just announce they are available every 12 minutes to "take over" duties if one of the other computers fail. No lag time is discernable if this service remains disabled on all but one computer. Honestly, I do not even believe one needs to be running. You could, "just in case," but it sure does not need to be running on all computers, all of the time.

    Default XP Home: Automatic
    Default XP Pro: Automatic
    Safe Setting: Disabled

    Log on as: Local System account


    What services Computer Browser needs to function properly:

    * Server
    * Workstation

    What other service require Computer Browser to function properly:

    * None

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