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XP Pro disabled all active accounts!

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  • XP Pro disabled all active accounts!

    Somehow in Local Users and Groups I have managed to disable all my active accounts. At start up I get the Log on to Windows box with one of my user names (previously NOT passworded) which gives an attempted log on response message "Your account has been disabled". Please see your system administrator (which is me and was never passworded either). I cannot get in using safe Mode; I cannot get the original XP installation disc to boot up as the log in window re-appears first. This is a stand alone PC. Advice much appreciated!
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    Re: XP Pro disabled all active accounts!


    check here at


    use ERD and boot from the CD and reset the password...

    i use this software and its very usefull for recovering local accounts...

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      Re: XP Pro disabled all active accounts!

      Thanks for your suggestions. In the meantime I used this link which describes a cunning backdoor way through XP setup to get to the user accounts where I caused the blunder in the first place. This works despite only being tested on XP Service Pack one - on my install which has service pack two. Jules


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        Re: XP Pro disabled all active accounts!


        A couple of quick questions on your experience w/ this method as it has always intrigued me. I have done repairs in the past to upgrade hardware and maintain the rest of the configuration. It has always worked for me but it has been a while and I've never needed to try the Shift-F10 bit.

        Once again, realize it's been a while since I did a repair:

        Doesn't the repair process ask you for a new admin password at some point? Shortly after the place it asks for machine name I believe. If so, isn't the Shift-F10 irrelevant?

        You did have to re-enter your key, correct? Did you have to re-activate?

        Any other side effects you'd like to share?

        For me, I'd try some of the approaches noted by yaniv first (after a good Ghost or equivalent) and try the repair as a last resort but that's just my desire to muck with as little of the system as possible. Repair works great when moving from P3 to P4 to P4 HT to ... when the alternative is a BSOD.

        Appreciate any feedback on your experiences as many of these password work-arounds prove to be false w/ current patched systems.


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          Re: XP Pro disabled all active accounts!

          Hi! I am not a very experienced XP fiddler - however this reinstall worked well and only disabled my virus software which required a re-install. Yes I did have to reinsert the Key - but I did not need to re-register / re-activate the software with MicroSoft. The Shift F10 allowed me to see what the passwords for the different account on the system prior to my mess up were - there was no password for the Admin acct in the first place anyway. yes I was surprised but very grateful that this 'back door' had not been closed. Hope this helps Jules
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