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XP Pro folder sharing problems

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  • XP Pro folder sharing problems

    I have XP Pro installed on my machine which is connected to LAN.
    I have two folders which I want to be shared on the LAN.
    The first folder must be available to only two of my LAN colleagues.
    The second folder must be available to all of my LAN colleagues.

    So I have turned off the Simple file sharing, entered theese two of my colleagues as users to my XP and shared the first folder - everything works - nobody can enter my computer but those two my colleagues.

    Now I need to share the second folder to all of my colleaguse on the network and I can not find the solution how to do this. can anybody help me?

    I did shared this second folder to group Everybody with all permitions,
    enabled the 'use blank passwords to login' in the Local Security Settings
    Guest account is turned on

    But nobody except those two my colleagues wich I entered as users can enter my computer...

    Thanks for any help

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    It is funny, but this is how I solved the problem:
    1. I removed the shares (wich I described in my previous post)
    2. activated Simple file sharing
    3. Shared the second folder
    4. Win XP asked me if I want to enable file sharing
    5. removed the share
    6. enabled advanced sharing
    7. made the same shares that i removed in first step

    and now it works OK!

    Well, I guess in windows XP pro, if you want to make some advanced shares plus a share available to everyone, you just have to share something in the simple file sharing mode first.

    strange things happen...