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Internet Explorer Administration Kit for v7

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  • Internet Explorer Administration Kit for v7

    Hi everyone, long time no speak...

    I've got a bit of a problem with my newly created customized Internet Explorer package and would like some help!

    I used the IEAK tool to turn off the run once page and add some custom search providers. The run once page is blocked on our network and the settings are set by a policy anyway so the end users dont need to see this page.

    After running through the wizard it created a build called IE7Setup.exe.

    So far so good....unfortunately when i install IE7 on a machine to test on our network it still starts the run once page and does not list the custom search providers i set...Its almost like the setup is not using the INS file settings i created.

    Anyone else heard of these problems? Does anyone know where im going wrong?


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    Re: Internet Explorer Administration Kit for v7

    Well stuff the Admin Kit. I made my own adm template to set the things i wanted to set and i thought i'd let you know what i did:


    Things i wanted to achieve:

    1. Turn off the Run Once page
    2. Choose the "Let IE Decide" option in Tabbed Browsing (this stops IE opening another instance of itself)
    3. Add custom search providers and get rid of
    4. Push IE7 out

    Attached is the custom ADM file i created. Notice that there are HKLM and HKCU registry settings.

    N.B. you wont see the list of search providers in GPMC when you load the ADM file - they get written straight to the registry

    I used WSUS for point 4


    Sift through the new inetres.adm before pushing out IE7
    Attached Files


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      Re: Internet Explorer Administration Kit for v7

      Thanks for that Simon. I am sure someone is going to find this useful!! Reputation points added for sharing your work.
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        Re: Internet Explorer Administration Kit for v7

        thank you very much!