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  • Command Prompt Quickie

    I used a method by Daniel Petri to add a 'Command Prompt' to the context menu. The method I used is outlined as Method #3 here
    Now, I want to remove it. I went back thru Tools, Folder Options, File Types, (NONE) FOLDER, Advanced. In the subsequent 'Edit File Types' dialog box, I can see the listing Command Prompt(and yes i entered it with no quotes as directed), and I can select it; but once it is selected the 'remove' button is not available. There are 4 options total, 'edit' and 'remove' are not selectable. The only options available are the 'New' and 'Set as Default' buttons, along with check boxes 'Confirm open after download', 'always show extension', etc.

    Im running Windows XP Pro with SP2

    My question is simple, how do I remove this ?

    thanks in advance
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    Re: Command Prompt Quickie

    I went through that example but called it "XXX Find Me" as I knew this was a registry hack.

    >>> Editing the Registry is dangerous. I suggest you walk away from this post rather than attempt anything I may have done. <<<

    Here's where I went:


    I deleted the "XXX_Find_Me" ("Command_Prompt") key

    That seems to clear out the second entry in:


    Otherwise, I would have deleted it here also.

    I didn't need to reboot to have the change take effect. I just closed all Explorer windows, opened one, right-clicked, and the pick was gone.


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      Re: Command Prompt Quickie

      I thought that I needed to remove it because I had idiotically made it the default choice under the NONE / Folder in Win2kAS. Correcting that helped, and I have found the command very useful.