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User accounts Gone - Help!

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  • User accounts Gone - Help!

    We have a 2002 Dell Dimension 4400 running Windows XP home edition, on 10/31 we shut it down before bed & everything seemed fine, although lately it had been running unusually slow at times.

    The next morning when I turned it on it booted up normal until it came to the blue screen where the user accounts should have been - Everything looked normal except none of the user accounts were listed on the screen??

    Of course without being able to log on into an account it's just a big black dusty night light.

    I've tried many times to restart it, unplug it, shut it down completely for a bit and turn it back on, open the case and spray the dust out and even kick it a few times... No changes :Oo

    I've pressed the Alt,Ctrl,Delete twice to bring up the log on screen, but I do not have a password to enter & it won't continue from there without one & also pressed F8 at start up but I confess that I'm not exactly sure what to do with it when I'm at this screen?

    Can anyone suggest anything to HELP!!!

    Tall Guy

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    Re: User accounts Gone - Help!

    I would suggest you take the HDD out of the PC, attach it to another machine, save all your data, email, favourites etc and then do a Factory Restore. If your system was running slow and then your logon screen doesn't come up, then you may have been infected with something nasty.

    If you do what I suggest, make sure the PC you put your HDD into has the latest anti virus and operating system updates. Also if you do a Factory Restore, install the anti virus (and updates) BEFORE you bring your data back. Who knows what may be hiding in a file.

    Wait a couple of days for other suggestions as mine is really a last resort option.
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      Re: User accounts Gone - Help!

      A quicker, more simple test (before doing what Biggles said) would be to boot from the XP CD, get into the recovery console, and run "chkdsk /r" from the command prompt.

      You might simply have some corrupted files that this can fix. If it's this simple, you'll be a happy guy. If it fails, Biggles' advice is sound.



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        Re: User accounts Gone - Help!

        1. Follow Chris' (WorldBuilder) advice

        ...if that doesn't work then

        -F8 -> Safe Mode
        -Check event log for errors
        -clean volumes of unnecessary files
        -run anti-malware programs (like Norton and Ad-aware)
        -uninstall programs you don't use

        ...if that doesn't work then

        3. F8 -> Lask Known Good

        ...if that doesn't work then

        4. Follow Chris' (biggles77) advice

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