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Windows Network Install

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  • Windows Network Install

    Hi Guys,

    I've just built myself a DOS boot disk which connects to a network, gets an IP address via DHCP, starts the basic netbios redirector, maps a network share and kicks off a windows install. This in itself works fine. I am able to install windows by whacking in a floppy, rebooting and just walking away.

    However the first part of the install process is to copy the setup files to a temporary location (so, when you manually launch winnt from a mapped network drive, it copes files to a "swap location") This has obvious problems:

    - You need to have a drive partitioned + formated to begin setup;
    - You need your storage hardware to be working in DOS, rather than just being able to dump extra drivers on the setup distribution;

    So, my question is thus. Is it possible to force windows to just skip copying the files and begin setup for the network location? Or is it possible to force setup to use a Ramdisk (created with xmsdsk or similar) ?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Windows Network Install

    Have you thought about using RIS??


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      Re: Windows Network Install

      I have considered it, yes. But due to flexibility reasons I'd rather do things this way.