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problem with SEARCH function

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  • problem with SEARCH function

    I have just encountered the following problems with XP (SP2 + all relevant updates)

    A) The Start menu displays the option for Search

    Clicking on Search brings up the Search Window


    i) Title bar blank

    ii) Left hand panel blank except for our canine (?helpful) friend wagging its tail

    iii) Right hand panel blank

    So I cannot initiate search

    B) Invoking Search from Windows Explorer leads to the same outcome.

    XP was installed 12 months ago and this is the first time this problem has arisen

    Would be grateful for advice on how to fix this problem

    many thanks


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    Re: problem with SEARCH function

    Looks like a registry or dll file corruption to me.

    I've never herd of anything like this on an integral part of windows.
    I have had a similar thing happen in AVG admin server where everything on the tool bar was greyed out. A full reinstall of the app and database was the only way I could fix it.

    I would suggest that this may be your only course of action. Try re-applying SP2 then patch it as normal. Failing that then a repair may work. But if your going to go to those lengths perhaps you should just reinstall, depending on your setup there

    Good Luck
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