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How to check the previous IP addresses assigned

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  • How to check the previous IP addresses assigned

    Hi Everyone
    This is my first posting on this forum and I hope to see someone replying to this.
    I have a peculiar problem in my hand that is I suspect some of my users are bypassing the network by connecting the workstation directly to net by GPRS instead of going through the firewall and router. But I am not able to get any definite proof it. How can I check if workstation was connected previously to net?
    Does windows stores the previous IP addresses in registry or somewhere? Is
    there a IP cache kind of thing windows keeps? Or is there a way I could have this ip addresses logged in some log file?
    Waiting to hear from U
    Thank u for ur valuable time

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    Re: How to check the previous IP addresses assigned

    IIRC there's no way to find this information out. If the machines are using DHCP then when the client requests to renew / request a lease it will always ask for the previous IP address it had. It normally only changes it's IP address if the IP Address it previously had has been reserved or given to a different client.

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      Re: How to check the previous IP addresses assigned

      Hi Michael!
      Thanx a lot for that info, Hmmm.. In this case I may have to run some batch file which will store the ip address everytime it gets a new IP I suppose, anyway I will try to get that done and will post how I did that. Thanx a bunch for the help



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        Re: How to check the previous IP addresses assigned

        you can make something in command line like

        ipconfig /all >1.txt and it will put the output in the file... you dont have to create the file it creates it and put it in the location you are... i know that in linux you can make >> instead of > so it will append the ipconfig information always... and not destroy the information in the file... and then you can but it to the system startup...

        i have just checked it.. works you can add the command date /T first so you get the date and then ipconfig /all and if you are triky install grep for windows and you can just store the date and ip and not the rest... good luck
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          Re: How to check the previous IP addresses assigned


          how about fixing user ip address (using static), after which you disable their network configuration, in this case you will not worry about users using GPRS .
          Just another MCP