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Disadvantage of imaging

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  • Disadvantage of imaging


    I want to know what is the side effect will it have on hard disk if we image the pc every week or so or every 4 days.

    What would be the effect it will have on hard disk,Will it make the hard disk life span shorter.

    Can you pls explain it.

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    Re: Disadvantage of imaging

    Have a read of the HDD MTBF link. I thought the top was was quite funny. I do not think I would be concerned. IT training centres reimage their PC EVERY night so the next days class have a "fresh clean install". I would imagine if they have half day classes they would reimage them at lunchtime. I personally know of a school in Melbourne (OZ) that run a Ghost schedule to reimage their Computer Labs every night using WOL.

    If you haven't yet purchased the systems you are intending to reimage, make sure you get HDDs that have at least a 3 year warranty. Doesn't matter if they break then.
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      Re: Disadvantage of imaging

      Over here, we have used ghost imaging for 3 years plus and do not have any issue yet. We do it 3 to 4 times every week.

      Hope this info help.

      Personally I feel that this is better. No virus, no worms, no spyware.
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