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Windows Xp Unattended , Specified Drivers

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  • Windows Xp Unattended , Specified Drivers

    hi to all in the forum
    i would like to ask if any one can help in this subject

    i want to make a specified windows xp professional cd installation that contains only drivers for a specified computer:-
    basement hardware (bios, motherboard...)
    additional hardware (vga,sound,network,modem...)

    also how to make untended installation for this cd

    i would be very thankfull to any body could help
    many thanks and regards

    awaiting for your replay

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    Windows will let you install 3rd party drivers automatically using an OEM install, MS gives some examples how to do this - read this link.

    There are examples of how to install all of your system drivers, but at the moment I can't recall where I saw it. I'll keep looking.

    Edit: I saw it here. Read through this guide to find what you need.

    Alternatively you could use the OEM Preinstall Kit, which gives you the ability to do almost anything with the install. The problem with this is that its not something the normal person can get a hold of (Available to OEMs only). There are however copies of it (with docs) floating around the net - if you know what I mean.

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