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  • Cache problems?


    So I have XP Sp2, with IE6 and Adobe 7.0.7 (i know theres an update for 7.0.8, but not upgrading just yet)...

    So recently, we got tons of new students, and some existing studets, and i forgot who got these problems, but i think its existing students.

    but the problem is,
    they couldn't download anything, from the internet, or even open "adobe reader" from the desktop, just nothing.

    then, for some reason, I checked the internet explorer temporary internet files, settings, and thats set at "0", and its not disabled, I could move the scrollbar, but the number "0" wouldn't change.

    We are using samba (the latest, i think.)
    and we have CSC Policy disabled. (client side cache), and i am thinking this is the problem, but it shouldn't.

    I get complaints in XP event viewer, saying with cache turned on, may corrupt profiles, so I disabled it in samba config.

    but, i dont think thats the problem, as i and other users can download and open pdf's...

    the fix, is recreate their windows profile, and it works afterwards,
    but we have many many uses, and we dont wanna reset all students profiles to fix this,

    does anyone know about this problem, and know how to fix it?

    - i did notice when they log in, they dont get a "full" profile, i mean, there startment, didnt load the "shortcuts", and appeared "classic widnows theme" with no icons on the desktop.

    Peter Lawlor