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Problems in moving HDD

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  • Problems in moving HDD

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post and I can't seem to find any others stating a similar problem.

    My XP Pro PC died (faulty motherboard) and I moved the HDD from it to a new PC running XP Home. I installed this HDD as a 2nd drive and I can access most of my old data files, with the exception of one folder titled "my documents" which was part of the Administrator folders in Documents and settings. I believe this may be a security feature of the XP Pro OS but is there any way I can bypass it to access my old files in that particular folder?. Someone suggested that I install the old HDD as a primary boot drive to access these files, but not sure if this is going to work or cause more problems.

    Any suggestions appreciated....

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    Re: Problems in moving HDD

    Here's from an MS KB, How to take ownership of a folder

    If you are running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, you must start the computer in safe mode, and then log on with an account that has Administrative rights to have access to the Security tab.
    After you take ownership of the file you can then set the security permissions.

    EDIT - Hi cledor and welcome to the forum

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