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Windows 2000Pro File Sharing

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  • Windows 2000Pro File Sharing

    At wits end. Cannot get two computers to share folders or drives. Read every conceivable how to and post from a variety of sources and cannot resolve my issue. The Computer1 and Computer 2 recognize each other and can access the Printer and Scheduled Tasks Folders between them but nothing else. Computer 3 which is running XPHome is recognized by Computer 1 and 2 and folders can be seen and shared from Computer 3. However Computer 3 can see the Printer and Sceduled tasks on the other machines but not any folders.
    I have on both machines uninstalled the Lan network and reinstalled it. Uninstalled the Windows File Sharing, Internet Protocol and Client for Microsoft Networks and reinstalled them. Triple checked all my drives for sharing by right clicking on the drive and clicking on sharing. All drives show with the sharing sign such as D$.
    Anyone have any suggestions? I sure need help.

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    Re: Windows 2000Pro File Sharing

    Does each of the PCs have a common user account or does each PC have the user accounts of each of the other PCs?

    PC1, User = Tom
    PC2, User = Dick
    PC3, User = Harry

    Are the user accounts Dick & Harry on PC1
    Are the user accounts Tom & Harry on PC2
    Are the user accounts Tom & Dick on PC3

    Create a SHARE on each machine and call it Data (no $ sign)
    Try accessing the SHARE through My Network Places. Is it available?
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      Re: Windows 2000Pro File Sharing

      Just a "PS" to Chris' (biggles77) post.
      The "$" at the end of a share name means it is a hidden share and cannot be seen by browsing to it. You can, however, type in the path into the address bar or run dialog box like so: \\servername\D$
      You'll be granted access so long as you have the proper permissions.

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