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Upgrade problem

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  • Upgrade problem

    I'm having an upgrade problem. I have windows 2k sp4 pro and I wont to upgrade to windows XP pro SP2. when I inserting the XP CD and press setup I getting a message "setup can't upgrade from win 2k pro to win XP pro" - how can I fix it I talk with Microsoft Israel support and they told me that this is suppose to work and they donít have any answer that can help me.
    I tried also to boot from the XP CD but the same I donít have any upgrade option.
    the computer is an user computer in a domain I took it out of the domain but still - I can't upgrade
    how can I fix it???

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    Re: Upgrade problem

    Make sure you have the latest version of your BIOS installed on the PC before attempting to install again.
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      Re: Upgrade problem

      Insert XP CD while Win2K is running, click
      Browse to winnt32.exe and add the switch

      (winnt32.exe /checkupgradeonly)

      You may have a device installed that XP doesn't like and this may assist in finding it.
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