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    Does anyone know of any good (free) program removal tools to clear out an installed program and the registry entries? Problem is I have a peice of software that was installed on a network server which is no longer obtainable and trying to remove the software / re install it from client machines, it attempts to contact the network share where the software was installed from (which no longer exists and as such fails) I need to be able to get rid of the program and re-install from the new location, messing about in the registry is going to take far too long on multiple machines.

    Any recommendations?


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    Re: Program Removal Tools


    In my experiance they don't always work. If possible try the support for the product they should be able to assist with an uninstall prog. If however they no longer support the prog then you can find the entries on one client and batch them together to make a reg patch. Then you an apply it to the rest.

    You could also check the client and server for the install/uninstall.log if there is one it may help.
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      Re: Program Removal Tools

      I'd suggest deleting the program folder (ie C:\Program Files\MySoftware)
      and then run the Registry Integrity cleaner option from CCleaner (


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        Re: Program Removal Tools

        Hi there,

        I used the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility in the end.