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mapping network drive with different credentials

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  • mapping network drive with different credentials

    I have a computer that is on a workgroup trying to access a network drive on a windows server 2003 domain file server.

    now here's the thing.

    I've mapped the drive using a different username:

    so: domain\user123

    But when i log in and try to access the drive it keeps prompting me for password.

    luckily the user that signs on to the workgroup pc, has a local account that is the same username as his domain account.

    so simply setting his domain password the same as his local account, i was able to remap the drive without password prompts every time the user logs in.

    now is there a way for windows to remember a different password for that drive from the local login account? I know windows will try the current interactive user\password first.

    i've already set the mapped network drive to:

    reconnect at login and sign on as a different user.

    any ideas?

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    Re: mapping network drive with different credentials

    See of this works..
    But first you must disconnect any existing mappings on that computer to the same network share!
    then.. Start | Run:
    Net Use X: "\\server-ip\shardefolder" password /u:NameDomain\UserName /savecred

    (or in your case:
    Net Use X: "\\server-ip\shardefolder" password /user:%username%@DomainName.local )

    Or better.. You can also get it done automaticly and 'slightly more hidden' by logon script. Samlpe:


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